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Personnel Mechanism

Innovation Mechanism on the basis of people oriented

Our Humanism:Be optimistic and active ,work and live happily

Our Teamwork:Mutual Appreciation / Mutual Trust /Mutual Support /Mutual Supplement

Assign personnel flexibly
We are open to whoever has talents; We provide multi-channel development paths and broad development space and stages to every HON-Flex staff.

Encourage personnel equally
1.KPI Prize comes first, rather than penalty.
2.Job Promotion Getting promotion according to ability and contribution, breaking the traditional way that according to status
3.Competition System for the Middle and Senior Management Staff in the status of Middle or Senior Management should compete for the further promotion, which aims at motivating HON-Flex staff for eternal self-improvement.

Cultivate personnel efficiently
Shiny College Class / Monitor Candidate Training / Supervisor Candidate Training / Further Study Bonus for Core Management …HON-Flex combines training system with individualized development, resulting in a learning organization with potential and competitiveness to benefit both employees and corporation.